Welcome to Mill Creek Middle School

The mission of Mill Creek Middle School staff is to prepare students for adolescence and high school years while educating them to become life-long learners.

Mill Creek's Goals

  • End of year 8th grade students ready to take Algebra 1
  • All students proficient with grade level vocabulary
  • Clear and concise communication between school and home

Upcoming Events


                 COMSTOCK PARK YOUTH

                                             FOOTBALL TEAM CAMP 2018

                                                   Grades 3-8   

                                  CP Youth Football Camp 2018    







                                      SUMMER CAMPS



               7/8ers Football Information


       7/8ers Football Information for 2018-2019





Mill Creek News



        JUNE 11-JUNE 14, 2018

           CP TENNIS CAMP



             ROCKET FOOTBALL (grades 3-6)


            ROCKET CHEERLEADING (grades 1-6)

         Rocket Football & Rocket Cheerleading




6th Grade Day Camp Opportunity

Last year, 40 students from across the county attended a wildly exciting and engaging program where students learned – not by sitting back and receiving instruction, but by LEAD-ing and DO-ing. These energized 5th and 6th graders spend an afternoon at the John Ball Zoo, not to be passive observers, but to conduct active research with a larger goal in mind. Armed with observable data, teams returned to the ISD to build out prototypes of what a redesigned exhibit or enrichment activity for their assigned animal might look like. Presentations were pitched, prizes were awarded and relevant learning was had by all.  Here are a few things some students had to say about the camp: “It was AWESOME!” …. “I loved it here” …. “This was the most awesome camp ever” and “The prizes were awesome”


What challenge will we tackle this year? Well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise. But rest assured, the winning teams will be able to see the fruits of their labor in a very real way!


This is a great way for kids to stretch their thinking muscles this summer in a fun, collaborative, creative way as they harness the innovator within them.  DC2 Student Day Camp for 6th Graders






Mill Creek Entrances

Have you ever wondered "How do I get in that school? There are so many doors!" Hopefully the map below can help.

All students being dropped off before school and/or picked up after school should use the SCHOOL STREET parking lot. This is for all grades. No students should ever be dropped off or picked up in the Office parking lot.

The Betty Street parking lot is for buses only.

During the school day the only door that is unlocked is the Betty St office. Our office hours are 7:00 - 3:15.

Aerial Map of School and Parking Lots

location of middle school parking lots

Mill Creek Middle School

100 Betty Street NE
Comstock Park, MI 49321
Phone: (616) 254-5100
Fax: (616) 785-2464

Front Office

Gus Harju
(616) 254-5104
Jodi Ryan
Robert Hurt
Dean of Students
(616) 254-5108
Anna Stornant
School Counselor
(616) 254-5112
Emily Garneau

School Hours 7:30 - 2:20
Half Day Dismissal 10:50
Office Hours 7:00 - 3:15

Jennifer Zalinski is our Board of Education Building Liaison for the 2017-18 school year.

Upcoming Events


28 - No School, Memorial Day

30 & 31 - 1/2 days

31 - Last Day of School



27 - First Day of School!

Information about these events will appear to the right as it becomes available. These dates are subject to change.

Sports Schedules

2018 Fall Sports Schedule

(Revised 6/5/2018)